Acro Ropers Holding Virtual Practices

With the pandemic impacting in-person practices, the team has moved to holding virtual practices via Zoom. Coach Kathleen continues to lead the team through weekly practices as they prepare for a very different tournament schedule this year. Restrictions have meant that the entire 2020-2021 tournament schedule has moved to a virtual competition model.

Gathering limits, lockdowns and other restrictions have meant that teams around the world have had to find different ways to practice skills and keep up with conditioning.

Brampton Acro Ropers athletes were practicing outdoors while the weather was nice, but the colder weather and early sunsets have put a damper on that. These days the athletes are making space in their basement, garage, or wherever they can find room. Coach Kathleen leads the team through a warm-ups, skill practice, and various conditioning exercises to keep the athletes sharp.

The team is looking forward to the end of this pandemic, or at the very least the return of warmer weather so they can get back to holding in-person outdoor practices.

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