A Little History

Skipping literally started as jump rope. Many historians believe that when ancient Egyptian and Chinese rope makers were twisting long strands of hemp into ropes, they needed to jump over them to retrieve strands. They developed this skill and their children began to imitate and invent games with small pieces of rope. Traveling sailors having seen the fun the children were having, and took the ideas and games back to their own land and children.

Rope skipping was taken to America by Dutch settlers during the 1600's and has been written about by English settlers, who migrated to New Amsterdam, later to become known as New York.

During the 1700's rope skipping was mainly performed by boys, as the culture of the time did not encourage girls to be physically active in case they harmed themselves. With changes in the 1800's both boys and girls were encouraged to play in games using skipping. During this time three types of skipping evolved - 1) single rope activities, 2) long rope with two turners and 3) double dutch with two ropes turning in opposite directions.

As girls became more involved in rope skipping during the 1900's, they invented different rhythms and singing games and it became a popular activity

Skipping, rope skipping, jump-rope, or whatever they want to call it. When it comes to the crunch it is an excellent exercise that is relatively easy, has a multitude of benefits and a low injury risk factor.