Masters Competition - Events

As a competitive jump rope team, the Brampton Acro Ropers compete in both individual (Masters) and Team events, according to the rules administered by the Canadian Rope Skipping Federation -

As individuals, the althetes compete in 4 events. Competitors are split up according to date of birth.

  • Category Age
  • Novice 1 7 & under
  • Novice 2 8 - 9
  • Novice 3 10 - 11
  • Junior 12 - 14
  • Intermediate 15 - 17
  • Senior 18 - 29
  • Senior Plus 30 & over

Event 1: Speed

Each competitor jumps for 30 seconds, using the alternating step. The objective is to get as many steps completed. Points are deducted for false (early) starts. The world record in this event is 95 which equates to the rope turning under their feet more than 6 times per second at an incredible speed of 380 rpms.

Event 2: Power

Similar to single rope speed relay, except that competitors complete double-unders (14 & under) or triple-unders (15 & over) and that the athletes jump with both feet together. The competitors try to complete as many consecutive jumps, without tripping. Once a competitor trips the event is over. There is a time-limit of 3 minutes of this event. World record for this event is 320, with the Cdn record at 171 set by BAR athlete Jaclyn.

Event 3: Endurance

Similar to the speed event, only that the time limit is 3 minutes. World record for this event is 492, with a Canadian record of 431.

Event 4: Freestyle

In the freestyle event, competitors perform a choreographed routine to music. The competitors perform as many intricate tricks within the time allotted, making sure that tricks flow smoothly from one to another. Points are assigned for creativity of the routine, difficulty of the tricks performed and technical skills. Misses are also factored into the overall score. The routine lasts a minimum of 45 seconds and no more than 75 seconds.

Complete set of rules can by found on the Ontario Rope Skipping Organization website (Orso), at the following link.