Team Competition - Events

As a competitive jump rope team, the Brampton Acro Ropers compete in both individual (Masters) and Team events, according to the rules administered by the Canadian Rope Skipping Federation -

A team consist of four or five competitors and will compete in the oldest member's age category. There are eight events in which the team will compete. A team must maintain the same composition throughout the eight events. Here are the eight events:

Event 1: Single rope speed relay

This is a four-competitor event. Each competitor jumps for 30 seconds, using the alternating step. Competitor 1 jumps for the first 30 seconds, followed by competitor 2 who jumps for 30 seconds, followed by competitor 3 who jumps for 30 seconds, followed by competitor 4 who jumps for 30 seconds. The total length is two minutes. Points are deducted for false (early) starts.

Event 2: Single rope power relay

Similar to single rope speed relay, except that competitors complete double-unders.

Event 3: Single rope pairs freestyle

In this event, the team is split up into 2 sets of paired competitors. Each pair competes, executing a synchronized freestyle routine (note: in certain competitions, only 1 pair competes). Each competitor uses their own single rope. Skills are completed in unison or the pair must co-operate together in some other way. Points are assigned for creativity of the routine, difficulty of the tricks performed and technical skills. Misses are also factored into the overall score. The routine lasts a minimum of 45 seconds and no more than 75 seconds.

Event 4: Single rope team freestyle

Similar to single pair rope freestyle, except that four competitors complete the same routine at the same time.

Event 5: Double dutch speed relay

This is a three-competitor event, using 2 ropes. Two competitors turn the ropes, while one competitor completes as many alternating steps as possible. Each competitor jumps for 40 seconds. Competitor 1 jumps for the first 40-seconds, switches with the turner (competitor 2) who jumps for 40 seconds, then switches with turner (competitor 3) who
jumps for 40 seconds. Total length is two minutes.

Event 6: Double dutch pairs speed

Similar to double dutch speed relay, except that four competitors perform this event There are two jumpers and two turners. The jumpers each jump for one minute. Competitor 1 jumps for the first minute, then leaves the ropes. Competitor 2 jumps for second minute. Competitor 1 must be out of the ropes before Competitor 2 enters. Successful jumps made while both competitor 1 and 2 are in the ropes will not be counted.

Event 7: Double dutch pairs freestyle

This is a freestyle event using double dutch ropes. Four competitors perform this event, alternating between jumping and turning. The two jumpers perform the same or coordinated tricks at the same time. As with the single rope freestyle event, points are awarded based on creativity, difficulty, and technical skills and misses are factored into the overall score.

Event 8: Double dutch single freestyle

The last event is performed by three competitors who alternate between jumping and turning.

Complete set of rules can by found on the Ontario Rope Skipping Organization website (Orso), at the following link.