2013 K-OS Video

Check out this video of 3 of the Brampton Acro Ropers girls  jumping Double Dutch with K-OS.  The girls spend the entire day at Much Music downtown toronto studio getting the video just right.  Watch carefully or you will miss them!

Also have a look out the following link: THAT MUCH CLOSER: K-OS with 5 fast facts about the video:

1. For the sleep walking idea, K-OS had to learn how to Double Dutch and perform a dance choreography with his eyes closed.
2. There was a deleted scene where K-OS was dressed in ladies clothes.
3. K-OS's levitation was done with a board, rope and elbow grease. In fact if you look closely there is a hint as to how it was done.
4. Mimicking people passed out at a party, and combined with the long day, a few cast members actually fell asleep for reals.
5. Double Dutching is a lost art.