Demo Performances


The Brampton Acro Ropers are actively involved in the community, promoting fitness awareness at local schools and community events. The Brampton Acro Ropers will do demonstrations for schools, community events, and business events. A demonstration consists of choreographed skipping routines involving members from our competitive team. The Brampton Acro Ropers skip to lively music that makes the audience want to get up and join us. We guarantee that you will be tapping your feet as you enjoy our amazing acro-roping. If you haven't seen a world class rope skipping team then you don't know what you are missing. For something different at your next event, send us an email. You won't regret it!

The typical fee for our demos is $250. For this fee we would perform one or two "shows" consisting of a 10 - 15 minute demo followed by a 10 - 15 minute "audience participation" segment where we would ask a few members of the audience to join us in trying out some of the jump rope skills. The demo itself, consists of the team members showcasing a large variety of the jump rope skills in a choreographed performance set to lively music.

The typical fee for our demo /workshop combination is $400. For this fee we would perform a 10 -15 minute demo followed by a workshop teaching various jump rope skills which could include single rope skills, long rope skills (two people turning a longer rope , one or more children jumping) and some double dutch skills (two people turning two ropes). The logistics of the workshop would have to be developed according to the number of camp children to be involved.

Performing demos is one of our main fundraisers, used to help offset some of the costs associated with running the club. We have at times agreed to accept in-kind donations and/or reduce/waive the fees to generate interest in our sport or club or to support not-for-profit organizations or charities with a matching mandate.

We do have some minimum requirements for performances which are as follows:

  • flat, smooth, hard surface to jump on (carpet is discouraged, grass and gravel will not be jumped on)
  • minimum dimensions of approximately 6 meters by 6 meters
  • minimum ceiling height of 10 feet
  • barriers or appropriate separation distance to keep performers away from spectators, and spectators away from performers
  • a power source for sound system if required
  • an agreement with the proprietor/coordinator of the event that the club will NOT perform, if the conditions are unsafe for the athletes

If you are interested in a demo performance by the Brampton Acro Ropers, please send an email message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please include the following information:

  • Date(s) and Time of Day?
  • Location?
  • What type of floor surface would the team be jumping on? ( stage, gym floor, concrete , asphalt?)
  • Whether the demo will be indoors or outside
  • Name of the organization requesting the demo
  • Contact information: name, email address
  • Name and purpose of the event
  • What are the expectations of the performance?
  • How you found out about the Brampton Acro Ropers?
  • What is the event about?
  • What is the address of the performance? (And major intersection)?


Shown below is a recent demo performance at Shoppers World in Brampton. For this demo, the BAR athletes were joined by a trio of Japanese friends, led by Kazu. While working and learning English Kazu in Toronto over the past few months, Kazu set out to create a combined demo, showcasing their Fusion style of Jump Rope. Video of the parade runs for 1 1/2 min and then the demo begins. Watch & enjoy!